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Share Savings

Membership Fee
Overdraft Protection
No Charge*
Excessive Withdrawal Fee (excess of 3 withdrawals/transfers per month
$1.00 each
Stop Payment
Early Closing Penalty (Closed within 60 days of opening)
Insufficient Funds (ACH)
Returned Deposit Items

Share Draft (Checking)

Monthly Service Charge (Below $500. minimum balance/No direct deposit)
Overdraft Protection (Auto transfer from your savings.)
No Charge*
Stop Payment (Individual or Series/ACH)
Temporary Drafts (set of 10)
Insufficient Funds (ACH/ Draft)
Overdraft Advantage Fee
Return Deposit Items

Money Market Account

Excessive Withdrawal Fee (excess of 6 withdrawals/transfers per month)

IRA Account

IRA Annual Maintenance Fee
No Charge


Audio Teller Transfers/Withdrawals
No Charge*
Third Party Teller Check
Interim Printout
$1.00 per page
Replacement ATM/Debit Card or PIN mailer
Money Order
No Charge*
Paper Statement (Members 18-64 years old)
Copy of Draft/Statement
Check Collection Item
Account Research/Reconcilliation (1 hour minimum)
$20.00 per hour
Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee
International Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee
Rolled Coin Received Handling Fee
3% on $200.00+
Loan Application Fee for CU QuikCash
*Excessive Withdrawal Fee will still apply.
**Includes direct deposit payroll.
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